Professor Charlie Hodgman

Prof. Charlie Hodgman

Professor Charlie Hodgman has a longstanding reputation for elucidating the structure and function of biomolecular sequences. Orginally this was primarily at the protein sequence level, but more recently it concerns gene regulatory regions and multimolecular complexes.

I have been promoting Integrative Systems Biology since I joined GlaxoWellcome in 1995, paying particular emphasis on the development of informatics approaches to turn what is an otherwise manual-developed "cottage industry" into an industrial process in which representative models can be generated automatically. This will be necessary if bio-systems modelling is to keep pace with the rate of data generation. Owing to my diverse background, I am not wedded to and particular branch of the life sciences and welcome collaborative projects where they are of most benefit, especially with industry.

Specific Projects

    Director of the Centre of Plant Integrative Biology CPIB

    Software pipelines for:
         1. increasing the productivity of biopharmaceutical development.
         2. elucidation of changes in biological function arising from single nucleotide polymorphisms.
         3. in silico cDNA cloning from expressed sequence tags.

    Holistic biological network models of various organisms, including Arabidopsis, Dog, Cow, Haloferax, Tea and Wheat.

    Data acquisition and the development of dynamic models of plant root growth.

    Web services for network construction and feature detection and gene regulatory region analysis.

    Predictive tools to support biopharmaceutical development.

Selected publications:

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